Monday, July 2, 2012

Update on our Youngest Daughter

We are just over 2 weeks past our surgery, and our youngest daughter is doing so well! I'm constantly amazed by how strong and amazing this little girl is! While we have had several bumps in the road so to speak during the last 2 weeks the hardest part is keeping her relatively still!

Soon after surgery we discovered that she could not tolerate narcotic pain relievers because they were making her oxygen levels drop too low, so within about 36 hours post surgery she was on tylenol and advil only. We went home from that point because I found it easier to keep up on those things at home! Within a couple days of being home we noticed that the area around her incision was red and "blistered". It turns out she had an allergic reaction to the stitches. The easiest and therefore best course of action was just to pump her full of benadryl, so that's what we did. All along this road our precious girl has been amazingly tough and even cheerful! The incision is now healing nicely, and we are only needing the benadryl and pain killers a couple times a day!

Today we visited with her phenomenal pulmonologist. We were hoping to be able to start reducing her daily meds. Unfortunately this did not happen... Her lung function numbers were up (Praise God!), but not up into the "normal" range yet. So, for now we continue with all of her normal meds and try to give her body a chance to heal. We are scheduled to go back at the end of August for another evaluation, and are hoping at that time her numbers will be up into the normal range!

I can't thank those of you who have been supporting us and praying for us enough! I know that God has a special plan for this little girl's life, and I'm excited to see it! We would be lost without the knowledge that God loves her so much and is protecting her. We are trusting Him to completely restore health to our little girl!

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  1. That is such a wonderfull update Tina:) My prayers continue to go out to your lil angel on earth. God Bless you and your lil family Tina