Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My heart on recent events...

Today as yet another story of abuse comes out of fundamentalism my heart is breaking. When people for whatever reason "look up to" (or what ever you want to call it) someone to the point of putting them on a pedestal they get their eyes off God and start to worship man. When enough people do this for someone they start to think that they can say and do anything they want. In the process many are hurt.

I'm saddened by the many stories that I hear of people in positions of power within the church abusing their power, and thereby hurting many. I'm saddened that when people go to someone for the help that they need (often because they have already endured abuse) that they end up being hurt by those that they trusted to help them.

The church needs to wake up!!!! I just can't say this strongly enough! Stop putting men in the place of God! All men (including pastors) are human and need to have accountability! Stop blaming the victim, and start taking responsibility for your actions. Do the RIGHT thing!

To the victims out there. Please do not give up hope! There is hope for complete healing!!! I will blog soon about that, but please know this is true! Also, please know that not all pastors/churches/Christians are that way. There are those who will love you through the pain and help you to find the healing you so desperately need! Don't give up! You are loved!

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  1. I second the plea to churches to wake up!!! Please!!! Why are no churches speaking out about the terrible, horrific abuse covered up? Why don't churches have a problem with sex offenders and child molesters being in church leadership positions? I don't understand!
    Thank you, Tina, for the reminder of hope...