About me

My story is one that shows God’s incredible grace and mercy in the midst of trials! God has been there each step of the way loving, guiding, comforting, and yes, even protecting me through it all. It’s impossible to tell my story without seeing God work miraculously!

Shortly after I was born my parents divorced, and because of everything that went with this I wouldn’t meet my real dad till I was 19. Shortly after my parents were divorced my mother re-married and my life was changed forever. My step-father was very abusive and has gone to prison more than once for the abuses that he inflicted on us. My mother has consistently chosen him over her own children, and is still with him today.

As a teenager I babysat for lots of people. One of the people I babysat for raped me and I became pregnant. The church we were going to put me through a lot because of this, and I ended up being sent away. The baby was born, and given up for adoption. This was probably one of the toughest times of my life.

I am now married, and my husband and I have 3 other children. We have been on a long journey where God is teaching us tons! We have walked some tough roads together, but God has been faithful each step of the way!

Tina Anderson


  1. Tina I love your blog! So honest and transparent...keep posting and I will keep reading and praying!

  2. Tina,
    Thank you for blogging about your experience. Unfortunately, I can relate on quite a few levels to your story. I was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your story as I was searching for something else on the web, but I was greatly impacted. God is good, is He not? Would it be possible to send you an email and ask you something? If not, I understand. I just thought I'd ask....

    1. I would be happy to chat with you! You can email me any time at erwinfri@hotmail.com. I will try to respond as soon as I can.