Sunday, October 16, 2016

Your words matter!

I hate politics. Usually I completely ignore what everyone has to say about the issues and candidates, research for myself, and then vote. This election cycle has been brutal. I honestly don't care who you vote for, but please read the following before you spew stuff all over Facebook or any other form of social media.

Your words matter! Please think before you post. Trump's words were not "locker room banter" they described assault. They were incredibly triggering for so many people who have been victims of sexual assault. I have many friends who are amazing people who would never knowingly hurt someone and their posts have demeaned those who would be offended and belittled some of the most courageous people I know, survivors. Friends, THIS IS RAPE CULTURE. When we make light of sexual assault, even if it just the description, we are part of the problem. When we claim someone who would say such things is a moral person and defend them, we are part of the problem. When we compare this person's morality with that of another, we are part of the problem. Rape is a serious issue in our culture. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual assault before they turn 18. Reality is you probably know several victims of this horrible crime without even realizing it.

Many victims never tell what happened to them. I probably never would have told if the police hadn't called me 13 years after the fact. Please understand that victims feel ashamed and don't want that shame publicly broadcast so they often never tell until years later, if ever. Please don't discount someone's story just because they waited years to tell.

Please understand that this is not a Trump bashing post. This is my heart to help protect those that are not only being hurt by his words and actions, but also the words and actions of many who seek to defend him. There is no defense for assault, or even joking about assault. It isn't "locker room banter", it is wrong and it is hurting many people.


  1. I feel this is a Trump Bashing post and I do defend him. What about the Clintons and the way the things Bill Clinton has done to all the woman. What about all the things crooked Hilary has done. This country does not need four more years of what we have now I stand by my posts for they are true.

    1. Unfortunately, you have missed the point. Yes, what Bill Clinton did was wrong, he was impeached. What Bill Cosby did was wrong, what any person who would assault another does is wrong. Never once in this post did I bring in Hillary. I really didn't even bash Trump. I simply asked that people be considerate when defending his horrific words and actions, because it is quite triggering for survivors. This was in no way meant to be a political post.

    2. It's not just politics when people are being abused. As a conservative I have found this election the most disheartening in Christian circles because instead of listening to those of us who hurt over being foreigners, seeing bullying, or remembering abuse, many of our fellow Christians abuse us further for having these reactions by bringing up the sins of the other side, instead of hearing the hurt this abuser is causing many people, if not themselves, right here right now. I am so sorry for the pain this may have caused for you, Tina. I have been praying for survivors and I am so encouraged to see many of you standing up despite the horrible pushback I keep seeing. Hugs!!

  2. Oh, Tina, this is such a true and sad post. It is triggering over and over, and then you have someone who calls you a liar as your first comment, which MAKES the point. Deflection from the problem as if it doesn't matter is horribly typical and it perpetuates this rape culture.
    It hurts.