Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why the Title?

Although a few of my friends know why I chose the title that I did for this blog most people do not. I titled the blog "Glimpses of Hope" for several reasons. Throughout the years often all I have had was just a glimpse of hope. Often there wasn't much there, but I chose to hang on to the small glimpse that I did see. I think if you talk to many people they could also tell you that through life it is often hard when you are in your darkest times to hold on to hope. What I have found throughout the years is that when you find that glimpse of hope you often have to hang on to it through the roughest times. So, the title in itself is a reminder to me, and hopefully to others to hang on to even the small glimpses of hope that come your way! Life won't always be tough! Trust God that He can bring you through to the other side!


  1. This was very encouraging for me today and I thank you! Sara Harrison

  2. Our family has been in a lot of darkness also and we are in the fight for our life right now. Kind of similar to your own. I am so glad you have decided to start your blog it has come at the perfect time and I hope this will be our perfect time too. That justice will be served, others protected and much healing for us.