Sunday, May 27, 2012


Life is a journey. Things are constantly moving and changing. That can be kids growing up, change of mindset, job, losing someone, major life events, etc. Along the journey it is good to have a group of people that can love and support you through the tough times, and you can do the same in return.

Your church should be a place that can help along this journey called life! Whether that be to challenge you to do better in some way or love you through the tough times. I firmly believe that your church should be a safe place where you can feel free to be real, where you don't have to hide what is going on because of fear that you will be judged.

Our church now is just such a place! We are so thankful to have developed great friends who have loved and supported us along our journey! When we came to this church we were "gun-shy" to say the least, but I know God led us there! Our first Sunday there our Pastor started a series called "Think 4:8" it was all about how to apply Philippians 4:8 to your life. It was so practical and yet life changing for me to really learn how to change my thought processes so that I now seek to dwell on what is good, honorable, true, etc... rather than the bad things in life. Instead of walking out of church feeling defeated every week (or sometimes angry) I leave encouraged, and with practical tools to help change me to be more like Christ. As a bonus my kids now LOVE going to church! Instead of begging to stay home they often ask if they can go to both services.

There are so many churches out there. Not every church is a good fit for everyone, and maybe you will only be in a place for a season of your life. I encourage you to find a place where you are being built up instead of being torn down. It has done wonders for our family, our relationship, and our view of God as a whole.


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