Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A year ago today trial started. It was a week filled with emotions, both good and bad. I was and still am thankful for the friends (both old and new) that I had supporting me through this very rough week. I'm often asked how I made it through without losing my mind, or how I was able to be so calm. I must confess that was only God working in me! There were a few things that helped though...
     ~ First, I had a couple of wonderful friends who made note cards with verses or different sayings to encourage me and remind me that God was there with me fighting this battle. Most people who were close to me saw me reading these cards again and again...they were a huge source of encouragement. I also had a letter that a friend wrote me filled with Scriptures that was actually given to me when 20/20 aired, but I read that over and over again during the week of trial too. Those things were in my purse, so they were with me all the time, in fact they are still in my purse and occasionally I will take them out and read them and be reminded of how God worked so incredibly that week.
     ~ Another thing I did was fill my head with good music! I had several songs that I listened to over and over that helped calm me down, restore my focus, and give me courage! Music is wonderful! Here are just a few that I listened to over and over that week.
           Bring it on
           I Lift My Hands
           Our God is Greater
           I Will Lift My Eyes
           You're Not Alone
     ~ The other big thing I had was people praying! I strongly believe that God works through the power of prayer and witnessed it multiple times that week! I had one particular friend that I called when I just got too overwhelmed with the craziness around me and she would always pray with me and that calmed my spirit in miraculous ways! I had friends praying with me there in New Hampshire, as well as friends praying from afar, and I will forever be grateful to them!
     ~I also had the wonderful support and shoulders to cry on of all the wonderful people who came out to be with me during the trial. You all know who you are and I can't thank you enough!

When I stop and think about how I made it I can only say it was God's grace! God promises in His word that He will give us the strength to make it through whatever comes our way. I chose to lean on Him and His promises that week and He was so faithful!

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