Monday, January 12, 2015

Trial 2 Part 3 ~ A guest post

There were several amazing people that were with me during this trial. One of them has been like a mother to me, and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for her! She is truly an amazing lady and someone I'm so grateful to have her in my corner. Today, you get to hear some things about the trial and sentencing from her point of view. So, here is Fran Earle's point of view...

After I testified for the state of New Hampshire in the trial of Daniel Leaf I was finally allowed into the courtroom to hear the closing arguments.  As I sat there I looked around and saw the detective from the Concord Police Dept. who worked so hard to bring Daniel Leaf to justice for Tina, I then focused on the prosecutor who also with almost nothing but the credibility of the witnesses he had brought into the courtroom had brought this trial before a judge.  Then I looked at the judge and saw a fair man who in open court had told Tina that he was in "awe" of what she had done with her life.  My attention was then drawn to Tina's mother, and I used that term loosely because she is an obsessed woman who put the "man" she married before her children and left them open to his horrible temper and his perversion. She was crying, but not for her daughter but her husband!   Then I just looked at Daniel Leaf and thought of all the years it had taken for this moment and the smug look he had on his face.  THEN I heard the words the prosecutor was saying to the jury and all of a sudden it hit me, that this young woman who I love and admire greatly lived in such fear in her own home as a child!  As he spoke I felt myself get sick and I started shaking.  I was shocked at what I was hearing had a very violent emotional reaction.  I left the courthouse with Tina and Tim, but had to cancel our dinner plans because I was so upset.  

I had a hard time pulling myself together so was not present when the guilty verdict was read.  I turned down an invitation to join Tina and Tim and friends for lunch because I was still crying!  But my husband pushed me to go to be with my friends and I am so happy that I did.  That was in Nov, then in January I was present to hear the sentence and viewed the bailiff put the handcuffs on this man and I was so lighthearted leaving that day!  

I have no words for the admiration I have for Tina and all she has been through.  I want to adopt her and be her mother!  I also greatly admire her husband Tim.  How many men can sit and listen to how such horrible things happened to his lovely wife as a child and still keep his composure?  He was a rock, just supporting his wife.  It was and experience that I never thought I go through, but I'd do it all again for Tina.  

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