Monday, August 5, 2013


Exactly one week from today we will be starting treatment with National Jewish Hospital in Denver for our sweet little girl! I have so much hope that we will be finding answers and have a better treatment plan to help our precious little girl!

I had a friend last night tell me that I really need to pray and be willing to ask God for BIG things, and KNOW that He is the kind of God that loves us and desires to heal and provide us with our needs and also the desires of our hearts. So, we are praying for a miracle! We are praying for answers to WHY she has been so sick. We are praying that we can significantly cut the number of medicines she has to take on a regular basis! We are believing that God will use this trip in a big way!

We appreciate your prayers as we go on this trip! Prayers for safety as I drive the long distance with her and prayers for the doctors to know exactly how to best help her! Prayers for provision, and that there would be an opening at the Ronald McDonald house so we have a place to stay would also be appreciated! I will try to post updates regularly while we are there!

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