Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Days 6 & 7

Just a quick update on the last couple of days. Day 6 held some personal miracles! We didn't have too much going on medically (other than adding nasal washes which she is NOT a fan of), but God answered one of the deepest cries of my heart in an amazing way! I'm so very blessed!

Today she had several appointments. Her favorite was art therapy! :) Her least favorite was having to to a laryngoscopy, but she did AMAZING!!! I was so proud of her! What they did was hook her up to several machines and have her run on a treadmill for 10 minutes. As soon as that was over they stuck a camera down her nose and into the back of her throat. While the camera was there they had her do several things. This procedure helped to rule out any vocal chord dysfunction! What it did show is that her entire larynx area is completely swollen and inflamed. There are 2 main causes for this ~ post nasal drip (not too big of an issue) and/or severe reflux and aspiration. So, this is one more confirmation that this really is a big issue for her.

Tomorrow will be interesting because they are going to do some tests to try to rule out a couple of things that could be causing the aspiration. The procedures being done should help to give us good direction on what the next step needs to be. We are aware that it will most likely be yet another surgery, the results will just determine which one. We are just praying that we will have very clear answers and direction!

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  1. So glad vocal cord dysfunction is not a problem for Aria. I have it, and while it can be minor for some people, it can also be a very serious problem for others. I am in-between on the severity level but have had a few very scary episodes. I hope the doctors and tests are able to provide answers and relief for your daughter!