Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Beginnings

I think if you know me or have read very much of my blog you know that I believe in Jesus and am so very grateful for all He has done in my life. As a Christian today I along with my family celebrated Easter. I love Easter, and the hope that it brings!

Here's the thing about Easter... Even if you don't believe in Jesus and that he came to die and rose again to save us I think that you could agree that Easter is a time for new beginnings. Typically Easter comes at the beginning of Spring and we can see the new flowers coming out and new life in the plant and animal world.

I love the thought of new beginnings! Sometimes we as humans mess things up in a big way, or we can simply feel like life is out of control. Sometimes the thought of a fresh start, or a new beginning can be overwhelming, but it can also be the thing that gives us just that glimmer of hope we so desperately need!

So, I would encourage you that if you are in the place where you feel like you desperately need a new beginning, start fresh today! Determine that today you are going to start to at least change how you think! It's amazing how you really become what you dwell on. Choose to think on what is true, right, and lovely! Something that simple could prove to be the very thing you need for that new beginning!

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