Saturday, May 18, 2013


Apparently I'm in really good company in the waiting department... I went to a service last night that was really encouraging. I believe that God is still in the business of working miracles today, and I've often wondered why He has not chosen to do a miracle in my baby girl's body yet...

The preacher last night talked about how sometimes God has us wait for a miracle so that He can get all the glory... He talked about Abraham and how God made him wait for Isaac (the promised child) until both he and Sarah were very old and it seemed impossible for them to ever be able to have a baby. He also mentioned Lazarus... Jesus could have healed him at any point when he was sick, but he chose to wait until the situation seemed impossible because Lazarus had been dead long enough that his body had begun to smell. When these situations seemed completely impossible God stepped in. God worked a miracle. God did the impossible.

So, as we continue to wait and pray for God to heal our baby girl I'm choosing to focus on the fact that I serve a God that does the impossible. A God that deserves all the glory. A God that will intervene and do a miracle at just the right time.

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  1. I'm so glad God gave you the just the encouraging words from His truth & character that you needed right now!! He is never late!!!! :) Keep clinging to HIM! Love you!