Monday, May 20, 2013


Yesterday in church we sang a worship song that really spoke to me. Sometimes it is really hard to see God and to worship Him in the midst of pain and trials. The beginning of this song says "Grow our faith Lord, when our eyes can't see, that you don't change Lord, You will ever be." It then goes into worship.

I feel as though God was really telling me that even when I can't seem to see what He is doing I need to praise Him. It is through these times that we can't seem to see Him that He grows our faith. He is so worthy of our worship and our praise. And somehow when I take the time to worship and praise Him it changes my entire focus and view on life. Praising helps me to remember that He is worthy, and I can trust Him that He has my life in His hands!

I can't get the video to post for some reason, so here is the link... You Are Holy

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