Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Even if...

Last night I had an awakening that I wasn't expecting. Our youngest daughter has been through so much medically, and unfortunately it isn't over. That said, I had often told myself that she was too little to understand, and hopefully she would be better before she would ever understand and that she would never even remember all the meds, hospitalizations, and surgeries. That is simply not the case. Last night when we were doing her meds she looked at me and said "Mommy, why did Dr. P. change my meds again? What happens if it doesn't work? What is he going to do next?"

I was completely shocked. It brought tears to my eyes, but also a realization that we need to be more open with her and start talking to her about the medical stuff that is going on. She obviously understands WAY more than we thought she did. It also means that it is a good time to teach her so much.

As I was telling Grandma about this story today a song came on the radio and God really used it to show me how my perspective needs to change again... THIS is what I need to be teaching my daughter...Even if the healing doesn't come, and life falls apart, You are God, You are good, forever Faithful One~!

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