Monday, October 15, 2012

My Choice

Recently I have gone back and forth between being overwhelmed at the "stuff" that goes on in our life, and being so thankful as I look around and back and see God's hand so clearly working. There are aspects of our youngest daughter's new treatment that honestly scare me. I get overwhelmed when I think about certain aspects of it (for example it is quite possibly going to be needed for the rest of her life). Today I have decided that I have so much to be thankful for, and that is what I'm going to focus on. So, here is a partial list of the things that I'm thankful for today!

~ A wonderful husband who supports me and loves me no matter what!
~ Amazing children who keep me on my toes and keep me laughing!
~ A faithful God who has promised to never leave me!
~ A beautiful house to live in.
~ Amazing friends who are there for me whenever I need encouragement!
~ Those who have really been like a second family to me (Earles and Keys)! ~ love you guys!
~ Medical Insurance that covers a good portion of our bills (I can't imagine the debt we would have without it, and even though I complain about how much we do have to pay I'm so thankful it isn't the whole bill!)
~ A good church that has really taught me who my God really is and has shown us God's love in so many tangible ways when we needed it the most.
~ The good school that my kids go to and the amazing teachers there!
~ The ability to substitute teach this year so I can be off with my kids but still have a chance to earn money to help with the bills.

There are so many more things that I could list, but it could take forever! :0) I'm choosing to focus on what I'm thankful for rather than what I'm worried about or overwhelmed with today. What are you thankful for?


  1. Tina,

    I am thankful, every day, for you.

    God bless,


  2. Following six days and five nights of uncontrollable, continual, tonic clonic seizures, the neurologist informed us that our son was not likely to survive. The neurologist assured us if our son survived, he would be in a vegetative state. Regardless how many times he received loaded doses of anti-seizure medication, the doctors were unable to stop the seizing. Although comatose, status epilepsy caused his nine-year-old body to twist into unimaginable contortions with incessant seizing.

    Seeing all the cables [EEG] attached to his little head, with needles in his arms and legs delivering anti-seizure medication and fluids, and a feeding tube for nutrition, we knew our only boy was in dire danger of dying. Although we could hear and see the life-threatening situation, I refused to believe my son would leave this earth, far too soon.

    Through it all, I learned that doctors do not know everything. Doctors cannot incorporate a parent's love when evaluating the severity and risk of survival for extremely ill children. We surrounded our son with love and calming music he previously enjoyed. The morning I began massaging his muscles with a chamomile and lavender oil mixture he loved, he began to wake up. I do not think his waking was a coincidence, as medical doctors believed.

    After transferring to a rehabilitation hospital, he learned to use sign language and picture cards to let us know what he wanted or needed. Throughout the next six to nine months, he relearned everything wiped from his brain and he changed from a nine-year-old "infant" in diapers to a typical 10-year-old boy. We would be hard-pressed to find a young man with a kinder, more compassionate, or more understanding heart and mind. From an early age, he accepted and embraced other's differences.

    Today, he is almost 26 years old, works full-time, lives alone in his apartment, and plans to marry a sweet young lady he has dated for over a year.

    I hope and pray your precious Aria will enjoy life as a happy, loving, and healthy little girl. She may require medical care on a regular basis and medical procedures that enhance her life are certain to increase the love and joy in your home.