Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here's to 12 years and hopefully many more!

Tomorrow my handsome man and I celebrate 12 years of marriage. I can not even begin to express just how grateful I am to have him! He is a great husband and an amazing father! All of us are better people because we have him!

Tim has chosen to stick by me, support me, love me, and encourage me over the last 12 years even when things were so very difficult. I don't know if I could have made it through the last 4 years without him. When I'm ready to give up he always helps me to get through the struggles. He is steady like a rock (sometimes this drives me crazy), and this helps me because I'm far more emotional. He often helps me to see things from a very different perspective. I'm so glad to have him by my side! We truly are better as a team!

Anyone who knows me knows that music speaks to me in a way that very little else does. I have picked a song to be my husband's ringtone on my phone when he calls because it reminds me so much of him and how he is always right there to love and encourage me. I thought I'd share that song with you all!

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